FIMBA European Maxibasketball Championship

June 24 to July 03, 2016, Serbia, Novi Sad




Dear MAXIBASKETBALL friends and team leaders,
I hereby wish to inform you about some of the activities we have been developing to reach our goals, which is to organize one of the best FIMBA European championship events ever!
We encourage all participants of "9th FIMBA MAXIBASKETBALL European Championship, Novi Sad 2016"  to experience everlasting memories from Novi Sad, to feel comfortable during their stay in Serbia, and to enjoy each day in our beautiful city with great enthusiasm. In addition, we welcome participants to embrace competition at our essential sites, to visit our exquisitely delicious native restaurants, entertaining clubs, and historical attractions, and to grasp a lifetime of beautiful impressions and bring them back to their hometowns!!
We will launch our “9th FIMBA MAXIBASKEBALL European Championship, Novi Sad 2016” Newsletter to provide you all with all necessary information related to the competition, comprising schedules, game results, and team standings, as well as information regarding hotels, transportation, restaurants, events and other attractions in Novi Sad and its surrounding cities. We believe that the timely dissemination of right and useful information is extremely important!!! If you agree with our opinion, please share this information with all of your colleagues and teammates and tell them to sign up to the mailing list for our NEWSLETTER through the official website.

We look forward to seeing you soon in Novi Sad!
On behalf of the organizing committee "9th FIMBA MAXIBASKETBALL European Championship, Novi Sad 2016", we send you our cordial greetings.

Miodrag Hadžibabić, president of the organization committee.